" My partner, Luuk Willemen, and I met at the Aki (Art Academy Enschede, Netherlands) in 2017. Nights wandering through the streets and conversations about life and art began to translate into drawings. That is when our collaboration started. Through the different lines of our hands, starting on plain paper, one line becomes an answer to the other's line. Since the paper is continuously exchanged with each other, we interpret the drawing of the other in our own way. This leads to new ideas and fantasies. So this cycle leads to different stories in one drawing, readable from different sides, depending on each other. All in all, our collaborative work is a conversation between love, lust and the fascination that we share for the world around us. This way of drawing connects us even more and the bond between us grows even stronger. Through that we always stay in dialogue with each other and we always have something we can "talk" about with the pen. Every new experience that we have can be found in our joint work, which brings the collaboration vivid and reflects the spirit of the times."